picture gallery of former outstation of a clinic: 15-room-house stable/barn spring 14140 m² land

picture gallery with 50 high res pics of house, stable, 14140 m² land

Videoclip DSCF0938_x264.mp4 panorama at the beginning of June, view from NE to SW click here

Videoclip DSCF0084_x264.mp4 panorama Mid of February, view from NE to SW click here

Videoclip DSC0363.MOV early June click here 26 sec. 65.97 MB

Videoclip DSC0373.MOV click here 30 sec 76.22 MB

Videoclip DSCF0084.AVI click here 42 sec 20.11 MB

Videoclip DSCF0947.AVI click here 38 sec 37.93 MB

Videoclip MVI0724.AVI click here 12 sec 23.31 MB

Videoclip MVI0725.AVI click here 12 sec 23.49 MB

Videoclip MVI0726.AVI click here 14 sec 27.75 MB

house and stable from W to E (53 KB) House in June viewed from E to W (44 KB) House in February viewed from NE to SW (38 KB) meadow top from W to E (44 KB) barn from E to W (69 KB) barn from N to S (74 KB)
office or sleeping room groundfloor apartment (31 KB) livingroom groundfloor apartment (30 KB) living room 1st floor Southwest (27 KB) room 2nd floor South (36 KB) gardenterrace direction West (82 KB) barn 1st floor (37 KB)

House viewed from SSW to ENE (26 KB) House viewed from North direction South(50 KB) creek top West (45 KB) creek top East (53 KB) prune tree and garden view direction West (71 KB) garden and access road view direction East (44 KB)

unique privacy
last and largest house in the valley
deers are walking around the house and sleep in the meadow aside
rare butterflies
absolute tranquility

former outstation of a clinic: 15-Room-House, Stable/Barn, 14140 m² Land for sale or longterm lease