detailed description of former outstation of a clinic for sale or for longterm lease:
15-room-house, stable/barn, spring, 14140 m² land

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Fauna and Flora


Fauna and flora exceptionally rich. In the midst of federal and cantonal preservation zones, retreat area for rare species thanks to the absence of heavy human activities in the region



Large 15 room house with modern comfort, automatic central heating in all rooms with automatic valves (Danfoss) in all rooms, windows double glazing, four telephone lines, power (380V/220V), house in very good condition, rock solid construction with quality materials (thickness of ground walls is 50 cm), room height of 2,25 m, gross living area 514 m², cubature as per Swiss Engineers and Architects Institute calculation method (SIA) approx. 1467 m³, very solid and healthy construction: (foundation-walls 50 cm thick, from 1st floor till top half-timbered building, outer skin with latch plates, very solid quality roof) , year of construction 1936

Ground floor


Fully separate 3 room flat with own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, WC, seat, huge garden

Ground floor - 4th floor


12 room flat, kitchen, bathroom, 2 toilets, many secondary rooms (larder, wine cellar, etc.), beautiful belt parquet, terrace 4,3 x 11,5 m,



Stable, large hayloft, open stable attitude possible, gross area 284 m², cubature as per SIA approx. 942 m³, garage, workshop, 2 wells



14140 m² meadow, forest, 2 little creeks, 2 fountains



Unique privacy in the midst of federal and cantonal preservation areas, richest fauna and flora, last and also largest house in the valley, at the foot of a South slope, next neighbours half a kilometre downwards



Village 9612 Dreien, municipality of Mosnang, district of Alttoggenburg, canton of St. Gall, Switzerland



Good infrastructure: good access by car during the whole year, evacuation of snow in the winter by municipality, post and greengrocers free home, 4 telephone lines, international Airport of Zurich ZRH 50 minutes by car



Central Situation in Eastern Switzerland, just in the middle between Zurich and St. Gall. (45 min. by car to Zurich, 30 to Winterthur, 15 to Wil SG, 27 to St. Gall, 40 to Pfaffikon SZ) Bus of Swiss Post from village, or railways from Butschwil or Wil SG



Mind changing silence, overwhelming nature, no fog in winter, own private spring with approx. 20.000 - 70.000 litres of fountain water per day, water reservoir of 36 m³, 2 little creeks



The property has been exempted from agriculture laws. It is divided into lots of 2499 m². The land use regulation articles RPG 24c and RPV Art. 42 protect buildings in preservation areas in their continued existence as per the reference date of 1st July, 1972. Buildings may even be extended by 100 m² living area. In earlier times, up to 36 persons worked and lived on the property. The sale of commercial properties is fully liberalized in Switzerland, meaning anybody (persons or companies) from any country of the world may buy them.
The privat nature preservation area is managed on a vegetarian and organic basis for more than 33 years.

former outstation of a clinic: large house, stable/barn, 14140 m²l land for sale or for longtime lease